Online Communications : A Research Based Analysis Of The Issue Of Internet Privacy

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Online Communications: A Research-Based Analysis of the Issue of Internet Privacy in Facebook Community Introduction: The social relevance of Internet privacy is a major concern for online users that sign up for a Facebook account. Social networking websites have become a popular trend in the 21st century, which defines the parameters of privacy of user data on the part of the Facebook Corporation. Socially, Americans expect to have their private data protected by the social networking site, but Facebook often sells or releases personal data to third part data mining companies. Of course, Facebook is a private corporation that has no obligation for user privacy, but it ahs attempted to reassure online users of reliable ethical and moral concerns about privacy. Therefore, the boundaries between the online user and the Facebook have become an issue of social contention in regards to the use of personal data as new phenomenon in computer generated communications. These social networking websites provide a new challenge for online privacy issues in the misuse and/or exploitation of personal data by private corporations, such as Facebook. A research-based communications analysis of the government regulation of Facebook will to examined in order to provide solutions that protect user privacy on social networking websites. Article review: Article 1: Carruth & Ginsburg (2014) defines the violations of user privacy by Facebook as a growing concern in terms of personal data usage on social networking websites. This study provided a questionnaire/survey method of data collection to gauge the feeling of privacy issues for 288 students at Texas State University. A diverse range of racial, gender, a sex was utilized in a broad range of... ... middle of paper ... ...corporate entity, which tends to abuse privacy issues to sell personal data or share information for profit and greater market shares in this form of online industry. The personal experiences of Facebook users will provide a gauge in which to understand how privacy rights are perceived in the public sphere, which an shed light on the issue of greater government regulation of massive social networking websites, such as Facebook. These ethical consideration are extremely important aspects of online communication as a means of connecting people in a technological controlled digital environment. Therefore, Facebook users need to be made aware of the dangers to privacy that social networking websites bring to the Internet community, which will be evaluated as a means of a growing need for greater government intervention to protect individual rights in the World Wide Web.

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