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Health Benefits Of Onions. Onions is one of the oldest edible vegetables known to mankind. It comes in different sizes, shapes and colours. It is known for it's aroma when added to food and mostly use to cook food all around the world. There are mainly two class of onions which includes; - The Green Onions. - Dry Onions. -Green Onions: Green onions are small in size and has a lot of moist in it. It has a very strong pungent smell with a green crown. Green onions is the immature version of dry onions. It is also known as scallion. -Dry Onions: Dry onions are way more bigger than green onions. It is more matured than green onions. It size is more bigger than green onions and has different colours. These colours includes: white, red and…show more content…
Onions is of great benefit to humans, it is beneficial to the skin, the heart and the entire body system at large. Some of the health benefits of Onions includes; Prevents…show more content…
It juice nourishes the skin. The mixture of honey and olive oil with onion juice is great natural remedy for acne treatment. The application onion juice on the skin helps reduce skin inflammatory. It also reduces swelling and acne. 9.It relieves abdominal pain: It is also a great remedy for stomach aches as it is fortified with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that soothes stomach upset. Onions is fortified with saponins that has anti-spasmodic abilities that puts a stop to any stomach upset. 10.It soothes any form of earache and stomach aches: Onions is a very good remedy for earache. Drop a few onion juice in the ear with a clean cotton wool, it soothes the ache in the ear especially if one is suffering from acute ear ache. Onions are of great benefits to its consumers in every way. Some hates onions because it makes them cry. Onions makes you cry because when cutting it produces a form of sulphuric acid that is inform of a gas. To avoid this, do put yourself in a very safe distance when peeling

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