One's Health Case Study

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One’s health is determined by many different factors. According to Cortell, Girvan, McKenzie, and Seabert, one’s health is determined by several factors such as genetic predispositions, social and economic factors, physical environment, health behaviors, and clinical care (2015). Furthermore, each subcategory interrelates with one another and has an impact on an individual’s health. I will further discuss the different ways the five intersecting domains may impact one’s health Genetic Predisposition 30%. Genetic predisposition is made upon an individual 's age, gender, and ethnicity. Some individuals would argue that one’s genetic predisposition increases one’s chances of becoming obese or addicted to drugs and alcohol. Scientist argue, that due to the thrifty gene hypothesis 35 percent of the population are not obese due to genetic predisposition (Speakman, 2007). In addition to obesity, one’s ethnicity may increase one’s odds of manifesting an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Research has indicated that Native Americans have a higher incidence of addiction to alcohol in comparison to other ethnic groups. According to Ehlers and Gizer, factors to increased addiction are due to metabolizing enzyme variants and drug sensitivity or tolerance. Furthermore, “additional genes that code for neurotransmitter receptors and neuromodulators,…show more content…
An example to a water related disease is cholera. According to the World Health Organization, Cholera outbreaks can be mostly found in highly populated communities with poor sanitation systems predominantly in third world countries. Cholera is an infection of the intestine, symptoms include rapid onset of painless watery diarrhea, nausea and vomiting. When untreated cholera can lead to dehydration, and 50 percent of people with severe cholera will die (World Health Organization,
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