One body in a world of a billion eyes

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Body image is something that cannot be taken lightly in the modern world, and multiple different things play a big role on this touchy subject. Everyone is under a microscope. “We need to quit giving other people permission to define who we are and what we are worth”(Kirkwood S125). You are too fat. I am not good enough. God she is pretty. I want to be like that. Simple thoughts like these run though peoples minds like a conveyer belt full of let downs. In Larry Kirkwood’s article “An Artist’s Perspective on Body Image, the Media, and Contemporary Society” states that, “Our culture has become obsessed with the image and keeping up appearances, so much that if the image is right, reality does not seem to matter: the image becomes reality.” Everything has to do with conformity, we have to be like everyone else. But is America not the melting pot? Everyone does not have to be the same, we are all aloud to be different but no one has faith in this anymore. Everyone feels like they have to blend in No matter how many people can reassure you how beautiful you are, no one accepts it. Ones thoughts of other people, what people think they should be, and the standard “ideal” person create a lot of different feelings to how one feels about body image.

Kirkwood states with in his project, “Obsession with the image deflects attention from the real accomplishments of an individual as a human being—as a friend, coworker, lover, wife or husband, mother or father, daughter or son.” There is no doubt that in a fast pace world it is easy to get distracted and that is acceptable, it happens to everyone, but it is not okay to let that get in the way of humanity. Kirkwood also brings to our attention that it is a common misconception that many thin...

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...d into ones perceptions. The reader can see this here, “Social factors are believed to be important in the development of a woman's body attitudes and perceptions”(710). These factors can be related to stereotypes that people form from idles, friends, celebrities, and models. These people form high standards that many cannot reach, and then beat themselves up over.
In a world that grows and changes as much as the worlds that people live in now a days, it is almost impossible to not be affected by all of ones surroundings. People, businesses, cities, and everything that we know of are on a constant up hill climb to try and out do everything else. No one ever knows when to stop everyone strives for the best. But, there comes a point in every situation when things get taken out of proportion and need to find an end. This happens every day in the world of body image.

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