One World Organization Instead of The United Nations

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It is appropriate to assess the future events by looking into events of immediate past and trends, observations and analysis of the present. It is essential to find out common patterns of immediate past and present having lasting effects. History tends to repeat itself in similar circumstances and it may also be helpful in finding a way to probable future events. It is also necessary that the factor of change should not escape our attention. Change is known to be the only constant factor in the context of a longer period of time. Change is unavoidable and should never be ignored in making any prediction about events likely to be unfolding in future. Thus it’s a mix of continuity and constancy which will help define the future. If the period 1910-2010 is taken as the immediate past then analyzing it from the political, social and environmental point of view will be helpful in making an assessment about their likely shape in the hundred years beginning 2011. Starting from Politics , we find a mixed bag of events ranging from wars to great victories in the cause of peace and human rights. The first world war witnessed the killing of 15 million people and in the second world war 63 million people lost their lives. There were wars in Indo- China, Middle East, South Asia, Yugoslavia, Gulf, Afghanistan and Iraq to mention the more prominent in which millions were killed. The nuclear bomb was used for the first time in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by the USA and the number of nuclear states continued to grow. There were revolutions in Soviet Union, China and Iran having far reaching consequences. The disintegration of Soviet Union and the rise of terrorism also took place dur... ... middle of paper ... ... But, who will do it and why will all the countries agree to it? A new institution by the name of One World Organization should be created in place of United Nations Organization with the charter to implement the measures enumerated above with full powers of implementation. All the countries should sign the charter and help in its implementation. This is the change discussed earlier which would facilitate the elimination of dangers to sustenance of human race. ONE WORLD ORGANIZATION is the answer to all the problems confronting humanity. We have one earth why cannot we have one world when we all say all human beings are equal. If this does not happen then the only way left is for the people to take over responsibility for the change. The ongoing spring and take over Wall Street movements should become a harbinger of the change.
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