One System Theory Essay

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The best way to prevent crimes in the community is to have all agencies affected by crime, working together to minimize the influence of crime. I call this theory, ONE SYSTEM. The numerous theories I studied have one common goal, to understand. The question we must ask ourselves is have we mastered the evolution needed to bring change on a social or individual level? I will assess some of the different criminology theories, the pros and cons of the one system theory, in order to adequately understand if one system theory will truly be effective.
There are numerous theories in place to help understand, and study the criminal mind. Social structure theory looks at the environment as a whole. Where social processing looks at the procedure
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It was developed, after I watch several family members get incarcerated. As a child, I witness several negative police interactions and brutality within my own community. Government officials that were running for a political campaign would come into our neighborhood take pictures with the youth use it in their political campaign but never really interact or understand our concerns. I became one of the few anomalies in my community. Because all of the negative I experience in my community did not detour my expectations of graduating high school and even accomplishing it a year early. The pros of one system is it would partner up individual police officers and local government officials such as mayors, county commissioners with youth allowing them to mentor children from under privilege communities. This would allow children from broken communities who are raised by a single parent home to the repair the breach caused by the abandonment of that missing parent. Allowing communities as a whole to participate in developing that child, an old African proverb says, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Monthly, a counselor would meet with that child to review and document progress. The con would be the length of time this research would take. Another issue would be the challenge of getting students to open up and bond with the different
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