One Of The Tectonic Eruptions Of Krakatoa, Indonesia

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The eruption of Krakatoa on August 27th 1883 was one of the most horrific volcanic explosions in history. Krakatoa lies between the islands of Java and Sumatra in the Sunda Strait, Indonesia. Krakatoa’s eruption caused a stratovolcano causing huge amounts of layered ash and lava to spurt out. The eruption is famous for its deafening explosion (four different explosions occurred throughout the day) causing suffering to many islands. The eruption was so extreme that Krakatoa lost two thirds of its island during the four giant eruptions. The eruption was a result of the subduction of the two tectonic plates; the Eurasian and the Indo Australian as they collided with each other weaken the earth’s crust.
Krakatoa is located directly above the region where the Indo-Australian and Eurasian tectonic plates meet. A subduction event occurred when the Indo-Australian tectonic plate travelled northwards and collided with the Eurasian plate. The created pressure from the two plates caused the energy to travel upwards to the earth’s mantle. This made the earth’s mantle around the Krakatoa region to severely weaken thus leading to boiling hot magma entering the Krakatoa’s
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Many volcanoes are magnificent so they are major tourist attractions which creates incomes. The island of Krakatoa is surrounded by many beautiful islands incuding Sumatra and java. tourist get drawn to the tropical terrain which provides snorkelling and sightseeing. Many surfers come to these small distant islands as they are famous for their consistent waves. Also the chemicals in the ash of the Krakatoa volcano was useful as its nutrience was very beneficial to the soil. Eruptions also create new landscapes that attract people. Volcanoes also generate rare minerals which can sometimes be very valuable such as diamonds and gold, nearby people who find them have the opportunity to sell them to museams and make a fair amount of

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