One Of An Unaccomplished And Accomplished Goals?

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Hello Dr. Frazier, Classmates and readers of this post.

This week discussion assignment encompass telling a little about ourselves. An assignment that reminds us not to forget that our past failures contribute to the building blocks to forming our future. This assignment, the way I see it, will privilege “us” to know “us” a little bit more.

One of my Unaccomplished & Accomplished Goals.

We all have many goals to target but this life is hard. To score a goal is sometimes, or almost always, not easy. In the past and up till now, I still have many goals to score. Some are well targeted and accomplished but some were challenging. For the purpose of this discussion assignment, I am only going to mention one of my unaccomplished goals and one
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I am the first out of 10 children in my parental family. Before I came conscious of thinking, reading and writing, my parents and their family were educates. My Dad is an Engineer – Electrical Engineer, My 2 uncles are Engineers – Civil and Mechanical Engineers, and my mum is a Doctor – Modern Native Doctor (herbalist). I was grown up in an educational environment which influences my self-determinations.

As I was in the secondary school, Dom-Domingo’s Colleges, Warri, Nigeria, as one of the best students my ambitions were to have my Bachelor’s Degree in my pocket, from one of the best University in Nigeria, at least before the age of 25. My beliefs were at that age, the Degree would be the beginning of my educational career, the key building block to getting a better job, a means of sustaining for my own family with the generated funds and thereby assisting my parents and relatives etc. But, like I aforesaid, life is hard. I was faced with bundles of challenges.

What went wrong?

Too much curiosity and financial insufficiency were the main reasons of my failing to accomplish that goal. As I was on the path of pursuing the Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering in Germany, 1 was challenged with decision making in 2004 to choose between to work and survive, or continue trying to study, with a guarantee that I will be dropped out because of the financial

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