One Night in White Harbor

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Catelyn and Ned hook up - need a beginning? Smut to follow... Ned dragged Catelyn by her hand out to his rental, at least it was better than the bathroom, right? His mind wasn't at his best, but before he shoved her through the door of the backseat, he turned around and was about to ask her if she was sure, but instead was met with her lips over his. Her tongue darting out over his lips, her body pressed against his. He deepened the kiss, turned them around and pressed her against the door, pulling her legs up around his waist as he moved his lips down her neck and over her chest, the bodice of her dress hiding her breasts from him. He placed her back down on her feet and took her face between his hands. "Are you sure?" Ned said, staring into her dark blue eyes. "We can stop." Gods, it might kill him, but if she asked, he would, without hesitation. "I'm certain." Catelyn answered, nodding enthusiastically. Reaching behind her, she opened the door to the car, sliding up onto the seat of the SUV. Ned could feel a grin on his face, and it stirred his muddled mind. How long has it been since I last grinned like this? He grabbed at her with clumsy hands, but she slid away. Leaning back against the seat, her red hair falling over the edge of the seat, down to the floor. "Come here." She said, reaching out for him. He didn't need to be told twice and climbed into the car with her, just managing to close the door after him, before falling between her now parted thighs, her tight red dress sliding up her thighs, revealing more of her milky white skin. She cradled him between her thighs and he could feel his cock harden in his pants and he pushed against her, as he kissed her and she broke the kiss to let out a soft moan, enticing... ... middle of paper ... ...her response, he strokes lightly over her clit. When her speed increases he strokes harder and then faster once he feels her nails digging into his bare shoulders. Her blue eyes staring into his gray ones. Catelyn's eyes close as her movements become more irregular and her back arches back, trying to get her lower body closer to him. One stroke and she is calling out his name in a high pitched moan, her body tensing as her orgasm ripped through her. He keeps on her until he feels the last strong ripple, and then moves his hands to her hips, pumping into her a couple of times before allowing his own orgasm to take over. Ned fell back against the seat, pulling her forward onto his chest, wrapping his arms around her. She starts wiggling so he pulled away, allowing her to fall onto the seat next to him, her feet still tangled with him as she tries to stretch them out.
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