One Nation, One Language

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One of the most controversial debates in this era is the issue of national language in the United States. Although many countries have declared English as their official language, the U.S. bicameral chambers have persisted to recognize English as the official language. In his article, “In Plain English: Let’s Make It Official,” Charles Krauthammer reflects on contrasting viewpoints in our nation regarding this matter, and supports his idea that a comprehensive plan for ensuring the rights of languages should be passed by the legislative bodies. He believes that America’s great success has been the astonishing capacity for acculturation with its influence of English language, and that immigrants are more conforming to English (LEO 707). Nathan Tabor, being another proposer and the author of “Speaking English Preserves Our National Heritage”, believes that our country has become a multicultural ground for several ethnicities with different backgrounds. Throughout his essay, he strongly emphasizes that all citizens should adapt to a common culture by accepting the English language as the official gateway to success in the American society. With the reliance on these perspectives, every citizen of the United States should accept the English language, which supports the American cultural traditions, ensures the idea of the American Dream, and preserves our union. As previously mentioned, Charles Krauthammer says that Canada, being founded on bilingualism, has no other choice but to engage with this divisibility in its path. America, on the other hand, was founded by founding fathers who believed the United States was “blessed with a single common language” (Let’s Make It Official 707). Krauthammer believes that the prominence of th... ... middle of paper ... ...d always strive to preserve its founding heritage and tradition. Such traditions carry the idea of the American Dream and the freedom and equality for all individuals regardless of their race, language or ethnicity. Hence, this blessed nation has always been the refuge for freedom especially for those who enjoy its ideas. The state of our union has a firm bond with the English language which has been used since the foundation of America. Therefore, we the people should fast to that truth that a national language vividly holds our culture and protects our nation as it was founded. Works Cited Krauthammer, Charles. "In Plain English: Let's Make It Official." Reasoning & Writing Well.5th ed. New York: McGrawHill, 2008. 707-08. Tabor, Nathan. "Speaking English Preserves Our National Heritage." Reasoning & Writing Well. 5th ed. New York: McGrawHill, 2008. 709-11.
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