One-Individual Reflection: Leadership: Exples And Expects Of Leadership

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EXAMPLES OF LEADERSHIP 1 Leading Class One - Individual Reflection Paper Summer 2016 Belhaven EXAMPLES OF LEADERSHIP 2 Leading Leaders are those who are influential in guiding one to accomplish a goal. Leaders are those who motivates their team into accomplishing a task that is set before them. Although the team and leader may share a common goal, it is the leader that pushes the vision into fruition. As a leader, I had great leaders to help push me into the leadership role. First, Christ Jesus was my first example of a leader by accomplishing His goal with coming to earth to save us from our sins. Second, my mother pushed me to reach goals I said I would never accomplish. Lastly, my manager guided me into going back to school to accomplish higher goals at my workplace. Through all of this guidance, I constantly evaluate myself to assure that what I have been served, I 'm also serving others. It would be ashamed to have been blessed by leadership, and refuse to…show more content…
I can reflect during the times as a shy young girl, she made me face my the very thing a feared the most. Standing before people, while attempting to sing, was one of the scariest things I had to face. I would always sing around the house, and my mother saw the vision and pursued pushing me into my calling. It took years of me fighting and arguing with her, before I realized she was showing me how to accomplish one of my dreams as a little girl. She could have quit, and allowed me not to pursue my goal but she did the opposite. Because of her motivating me, I now have a daughter that sings and I am using those same motivational skills towards her. However, I do feel that my leadership with my daughter is much easier than with me and my mother. My daughter is very always inform others that her motivation came from her mother, but I say it came from my

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