One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest Doublethink Analysis

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Both the totalitarian governments in Nineteen Eighty-four and One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest apply any means of control to force the residents in Ocieania and the psychiatric ward to relinquish their freedom,personal rights and individual thought. In Nineteen Eighty-four the protagonist, Winston Smith a thirty-nine years old working in the ministry of truth alters historical documents and events to match with the party`s predictions. Just like anyone expect the proles, Winston is prohibited from his freedom or personal rights and is not able to express what is on his mind: the only freedom he had access to was on his own mind which soon were going to be taken from him. Altering historical records and events has all to do with the use of doublethink.…show more content…
Being the head Nurse in a psychiatric ward, Nurse Ratched should be supporting the patients but instead belittle them. For instance, she usually does this during group meetings were she brings up personal issue about the patients while fully knowing that the others patients will degrade and embarress the individual causing him to have lowe esteem. The few reasons to why the patients do this is presumably because they either know that they can`t attack a patient by themselves and therefore aid Nurse Ratched with the expectation of receive her sympathy. Another reason could be that the patients attack the target by means of making the attention not be focused on them so they would not be attacked. Nurse Ratched futhermore uses medication as another method of control, forcing the patients to eat which causes them to become submissive and easier to manipulate in so doing this it destroys the patients spirits of rebellion. Similar to Nineteen Eighty-four, the patients also have to have same the clothes, eat same food and are constantly being observed by Nurse Ratched through nurse’s station which results in the patients not have any

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