One Click Away From An Unplanned Goodbye

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Have you ever really sat down and reflected on how badly words can hurt? Or what someone may be going through even though they may have the brightest smile on their face? They’re smiling so they’re okay right? Wrong. Whether it is in a profile picture or in person, a smile hides everything. The commonly known phrase “a smile hides everything” corresponds to many teenagers in today’s society. Along with the help of a teenager’s best friend, the internet. Technology plays a huge role in teenage depression, and even suicide. Due to the endless cruelty and malignity on the internet, teenage insecurity, depression, and suicide has increased greatly and has turned into a pandemic.
Nowadays, everyone has either a smartphone or a laptop and if not, has a convenient enough way to get to it. Over the last two decades, technology has grown at an exceedingly fast rate and continues to progress rapidly. Children and teenagers are presented with technology at such a young age that they primarily do not know a world that is not electronically connected or a world without digital gadgets. Cell phones and the internet are a very innovative way to communicate, but in the present day, there is a high availability that teenagers have to find out any information over the web. This information that teenagers are exposed to can cause them to be manipulated and deceived into bullying others online. Due to the overwhelming fear and embarrassment of being bullied online, many teenagers tend to keep such events to themselves. “It’s universally ingrained that reporting bullying is being a ‘snitch’ and trying to get someone in trouble.” ("In Cyber Bullying, Depression Hits Victims Hardest")
There is a strong interconnection between cyberbullying and te...

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