Once Innocent, Now Independent

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Away goes that innocent schoolgirl, in comes the independent woman. I am a 17-year-old teenage girl and I live in New York City. People say I need to start being young, wild and free. So my new goals in life are to have a good time with my friends, experience new things.
I am walking down the store lined streets. A young man walks past me. I catch his eye and he winks back. I turn to my friends and we giggle. I’m looking for a new dress to wear out tonight. Mine are all too long, they go all the way down to my ankles, and they make me look like a granny. I want a new kind of dress that shows off my knees, arms and shouts “I'm a chic”! My friends helped me find one with a perfect hemline that sat right below my knees and formed a defined shape at the waist. This one will go just nicely with my brand new Mary Jane high-heeled shoes. We popped into the store next door to pick me up a brown cloche hat as a final touch to my outfit. The next stop we make is at the barber's shop. My best friends finally persuade me cut my hair into a bob.
When I get home, my father was pacing back and for...

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