On the Incarnation

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Religion is a time old method used universally to express beliefs and help us understand some mysteries of life before time, in the present, and the future life, or afterlife. Although, it is not that simple to comprehend. Over time, it has morphed and evolved into ideas and traditions completely different from what was previously known and taught. One of the biggest changes of all time in religious history was brought about when Jesus Christ, Son of God, became flesh here on Earth. Not only did this bring change, but it also caused many conflicts and doubts. In the book On The Incarnation Saint Athanasius resolves some of these issues and heresies by providing counter arguments to prove Jesus’ full humanity and divinity. He discusses religious affairs both in favor of the incarnation and those opposed to believing it, showing them the flaws in their ways.

Many have asked the question, why would God, the highest divine being, come down to our level and live among sinful humans? Why would He not instead choose to manifest himself in something more notable, such as the sun, moon, or stars? Saint Athanasius then offered up this counterargument- “God did not come to make a display. He came to heal and to teach the suffering man”(Athanasius 43). The Lord instead came for our salvation in a way that our simple minds could decipher. “He ensured that men should recognize him in the part who could not do so in the whole, and that those who could not lift their eyes to His unseen power might recognize and behold Him in the likeness of themselves” (Athanasius 43). Also only humans needed to be brought back to God, for animals and inanimate objects had done nothing nor could they have considering that humans hold the covenant with God (...

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...en they die they do not perish, but live indeed, and become incorruptible through the resurrection” (Athanasius 27).

Faith is all we have to go off of. God is everywhere around us in everything we do. We will never understand His mysteries no matter how many arguments and counter arguments we come up with, in the end it will come down to our faith and beliefs. We have been saved by Jesus’ incarnation. Before His death and victorious resurrection, we were confused and somewhat lost. Life after death was nothing. We were stuck and not prepared to meet our maker. But now, life has been made new again. As long as we keep our faith, nothing will phantom us. There is always hope in God.

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