'On Not Shoplifting Louise Bogan's the Blue Estuaries': Poetic Devices

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In Julia Alvarez’s poem “On Not Shoplifting Louise Bogan’s The Blue Estuaries”, Alvarez skillfully employs poetic devices such as imagery and personification to help convey the speaker’s discoveries. Alvarez’s use of imagery paints a vivid picture of the setting for the reader, allowing for a better understanding of the context of the poem, and a clarification of what goes on within the college bookstore. The use of personification highlights the significance of the special book of poems and its persuasive effect on the main character. The title of the poem- “On not Shoplifting Louise Bogan’s The Blue Estuaries” may appear confusing to the reader at first, due to it not being similar to typical poem titles; however the title and setting have a very strong connection- which is solidified through the use of imagery. The poem opened with the line “your book surprised me on the bookstore shelf-.” This directly and openly presents the setting, shifting the reader’s focus to more significant aspects of the poem. The imagery then targets the appearance of the book, highlighting its significance and seemingly ‘one of a kind’ appearance with lines such as “swans gliding on a blueback lake”...”No sassy big haired picture to complicate the…show more content…
This shows how bold and captivating the unique appearance of the book was; it contained only an illustration and name, without the boasting of achievements. Imagery played a key role in
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