On Depression

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Tommaso Francesco Stalletti
On Depression
Tommaso Francesco Stalletti, born in 1997 on the dark cold morning of Grand view hospital, as the youngest therapist in the world only being 16 years old. Tommaso has appeared in TIME magazine and countless CNN articles as being one of the best and most effective therapist of his time. In his free time he does not play video games or sports like most young adults, but rather writes essays and books in order for the public to start understanding the people he works with, and how they too are important to the world. Some of his works including “What it Means”, “On Bravery”, and “The Importance of Devotion”. All of these getting multiple awards that define Tommaso for the talents and unique passion he has at just being 16 years old. His writings have all gotten multiple awards including “Best author of the year”, “Best motivational writer”, and “Most unique writing style.” This has by far out passed any other author and writer as this amazing, young, and talented 16 year old boy outwits most. Not to mention his three wives, polygamy at best.
As a Pennsylvanian, Stalletti gathers his work from his experiences, from his senses and surroundings that come together to show him what the world is really like. He sees into the lives of the desolate that rarely anyone sees, and he uses his experiences to his advantage in order to share what these people are really like. Tommaso being from the Italian heritage has a lot of experience with yelling and shouting, has this gives him a basis on coping with many different kinds of people and personalities. Claimed to be one of the best, these are some of his experiences he has gone through that also affect many others.
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...the strong, weak, and smart. We can not fathom the amount of destruction depression creates, and when it leaves, it leaves a permanent mark, that can never be healed in full. Many clients I have talked to and communicated with have greatly shown improvement, but none, not even one! Has shown full recovery, its like braking a pristine glass vase into a million pieces, and after you attempt to glue everything back together, it will never be the same .
This directly correlates to depression, as it will take you, tease you, and finally destroy you to either leave you broken or hopefully get glued back together in order to attempt to live a normal life. One must make the best of their life and do their best to respond to it and change it for the best. As Dorothy M. Neddermeyer said, “Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.”

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