On Being The Target Of Discrimination By Ralph Ellison Analysis

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Analyzing “On Being the Target of Discrimination” In the article, “On Being the Target of Discrimination”, written by Ralph Ellison, the use of pathos and ethos is used to convey the message of discrimination. As well as imagery to portray segregation in a very different manner. Through description and narration, the author gives the audience an idea of the disparity and differences between races. The purpose of this article is to signify discrimination and not only tell his side of the story, but as well as connecting with the audience in his experiences. Born in Oklahoma, Ralph Ellison, was a very gifted writer. His father died when he was young and his mother became a domestic worker to provide for their family. Ellison struggled throughout his early life, but became a very well-known writer. He won many awards throughout his life and experienced many things. His first novel “Invisible Man” (1952) received the award for best novel of 1953 and it became an american classic. He was also a professor at multiple universities. This makes him a credible source and gives him validation to what he says as writer. Ralph Ellison uses his experiences with discrimination to tell his story. He tells his audience that he remembers being brought up in a world he didn’t understand, but as time past he began to understand why things were they way they are. He tells about the many times he was confused because he wasn’t allowed to do things other kids his age were allowed to do. A simple act of walking to the park was unjust because of the color of his skin. He also understands the effect that discrimination has on his family and society as a whole. The term discrimination can be seen as “the act of making or perceiving a difference”(merriam-w... ... middle of paper ... ...ny types of rhetorical strategies to convey his message to his audience. The purpose of this story was to signify his experiences with discrimination and to relate with his audience. Ellison uses a wide variety of imagery to paint a picture of what segregation was like for him and his family. Using metaphors to compare and contrast the lives of blacks and whites is also seen throughout this story. Also using pathos to grab the audience with his emotional stories of being treated wrongfully because of the color of his skin all at a very young age. Ellison also uses “second person” to make the reader feel as if they were the ones experiencing all these tragic things. Ellison targeted this story mainly for people who don’t know what racism feels like. He wanted to make a story for people to fully understand and grasp the things he went through with him and his family.

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