On Being A Cripple, And Dumpster Diving By Nancy Mairs

For this weeks reading I chose the essays Coming Home Again, On Being a Cripple, and Dumpster Diving. The reason I chose to read these three specific essays were because amongst all the titles to chose from, these ones stuck out to me the most. From the titles I anticipated what each essay would be about. I assumed the essay Coming Home Again would be about the dilemma and adjustment of returning home from being gone for a long period of time. I can relate to that, so I picked that one. On Being a Cripple, I anticipated it would be the story of someone’s troubles with an illness. I can also relate to that issue so I picked that one. And lastly I expected the essay titles Dumpster Diving to be about the struggles of being poor and trying to survive. This title and idea does not directly relate to me, but my father, which is close enough. Like I stated above, I picked essays that I believed I could resonate with, and I was correct.…show more content…
Since her story was the most inspirational I would probably choose to meet with her, if given the opportunity. I would love to ask her questions that had to do with mindsets such as how she coped when she was diagnosed. How her and her husband get through the difficult times, and how he copes with things. I would even ask her what her biggest fear is, since in the essay she mentions how death is not one for her. The questions I would really like an answer for is how she deals with her depression, when she gets depressed. I would ask these things because I have a lot of trouble coping with things. I have been diagnosed with major depression and anxiety. I have no heath disability except for mentally. It would be inspirational to know how she deals with her depression, because if she can do it, then I know I could

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