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Ultimately, my dream in life is to start a hard cider brewery in the state of Washington. I believe hard cider is going to be the next vastly popular alcoholic beverage in the United States. This dream came to me when I was studying in London, England. Hard cider is a very popular beverage in the United Kingdom, and I fell in love with it. The great state of Washington grows over 60% of the apples for consumption within the United States. We live in the American Garden of Eden, as I like to put it.

The main reason I took CMST 438 was to improve, broaden and enrich my perspectives of leadership. Every entrepreneur has to excel in some form of leadership. Whether it is the art of persuasion, inspiration, management or execution, all entrepreneurs need to excel in leading others. I dream of moving others, I dream of building something great, I dream of creating something that can change the world. So, when given this assignment, I thought it was a very appropriate time to begin my published business plan for my vision.

What makes entrepreneurs great is the ability to execute. Everyone has a dream, but very few will do what is necessary to accomplish it. I believe one has to risk everything in order to accomplish what their heart truly desires. The single most inspirational act that I have ever encountered was something I learned in history class. In 1519, Cortes and the Spanish Empire sailed to conquer a new land. Upon arrival to the new land, Cortes vowed that he would not fail, and he would prevail in conquering the new land. As his troops unloaded from the ships, he turned with his troops watching and set fire to all of the ships. “We will prevail.” There is a reason that modern Mexico speaks Spanish. This is the type of det...

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...product in groups and social circles.

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