Old Mother West Wind And The Merry Little Breezes

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341 words

My treasure is a book by Thornton W Burgess called " Old Mother West Wind and the Merry Little Breezes " given to me in the 3rd grade by my parents over 55 years ago. It's rather shabby as befits it's age and the many many times the world within its pages was visited. It symbolizes the love of my parents who, having very little in a material sense, endeavored to enrich the lives of us 4 kids. We not only could count on receiving a new dress made by my mama for our birthday, we also knew daddy would bring us a new adventure, a different world to explore. Daddy was a mechanic for MacMillian and Buick downtown behind Belks. Every birthday he would go down to the bargain basement and pick us out a book after work. One year, being just plain worn

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  • Explains that their treasure is a book by thornton w burgess called old mother west wind and the merry little breezes, which symbolizes the love of their parents.
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