Okonkwo's Culture

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966 words

How does okonkwo's thoughts and actions affect the way he reacts to a new culture coming into his culture. Okonkwo is a very unique character in that his culture is one where men are the stronger better faster, smarter, and dominant ones their as they are also the head of the house, and now their is christianity that is colliding with the ways he has grown up with and learn to use and known as the right in the world. And Okonkwo is a unique character that sees himself as powerful and wealthy, and doesn't understand or like the idea of christianity coming into his culture, and this is because the self worth he has built is based on societal views. Okonkwo was a very powerful and wealthy man in his clan, and her still wants to be powerful …show more content…

He is too entitled to his old ways “how can he when does not even speak our tongue? He even says that our customs are bad” they don't even know the old ways that have been their for generations to generations and he cant accept how they come in and say that they are wrong and bad. “And our own brothers who have taken up his religion also say that our customs are bad”(pg.176). The new government and religion just come in and say that the old ways are wrong bad and not right while they don't know how they have lived their life and they don't know what they don't know. This is not something that shouldn't be allowed to happen it cannot be right and should not be permitted, while it is not something that okonkwo cannot accept. “As he “had heard” said okonkwo “but i have also heard that abame people were weak and foolish. Why did they not fight back had they no guns or machetes?” they were weak they were not like mean even with the tools they had to fight they did not use them to help fight their battles nor did they fight at all. “ we would be cowards to compare ourselves with the men of abame”(pg.174). they were not the men they should be and we are weak and useless when we compare ourselves to such weak and foolish men. And Okonkwo does not like or accept this new religion into his life …show more content…

He couldn't handle what he has done he didn't like or he wasn't able to accept this new religion into his. Even when it changed his whole clan.”in a flash okonkwo drew his machete. The messenger crouched to avoid the blow.” he drew his machete to fight the man he did not like or respect, “it was useless okonkwo's machete descended twice and the man's head lay beside his uniformed body”(pg.204). And he killed a man that was a messenger for the new church which has caused him to flee greatly. And he was scared after wards because that man didn't deserve to die and especially not like he did. And the after he ran more people of the church went to look for him, “The only sound they made was with their feet as they crushed the dry leaves.” they were very quiet as they looked for okonkwo, “then they came to the tree from which okonkwo's body was dangling, and they stopped dead”(pg.207). He had gone after all of his mistakes and achieves had chosen to end his own life. He couldn't handle living with all of the events that have taken place in his life, especially with the new religion and government coming into play. Okonkwo was a man of power who had made mistakes and lost it all, then he had a chance to make it up but couldnt handle or accept the new religion in his life. So he choose after killing and watching his clan fall apart, to end his own life. And it feels that this book was useless to read and was

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how okonkwo's thoughts and actions affect the way he reacts to a new culture coming into his culture.
  • Explains that okonkwo was a powerful and wealthy man in his clan, and her still wants to be powerful. he was strong enough to survive without the milk from his mother's breast.
  • Opines that okonkwo cannot accept the new religion and ways that have come and itself home to the land. the new government and religion come in and say that the old ways are wrong and not right.
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