Okonkwo's Changes In Things Fall Apart

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Change scares people. Humans want to stay in their own safe little bubble, but how would they react if giant changes were made to everything they held dear? Chinua Achebe’s book, Things Fall Apart, revolves around Okonkwo, a leader of the Ibo clan in Umorfia, a Nigerian village. Okonkwo is a respected man who lives a good life, with many wives, and many children. This all changes when Christian missionaries begin to insert themselves into the tribal community, attempting to coerce many clan members into accepting their beliefs. Okonkwo is a strong, powerful man, who responds with hostility to the new culture around him, leading to his eventual fall from grace and disgrace of his legacy. To begin, Okonkwo was a fierce and powerful man before first confronting Western …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how chinua achebe's book, things fall apart, revolves around okonkwo, a leader of the ibo clan in umorfia, nigeria.
  • Explains that okonkwo was a fierce and powerful man before confronting western influence. his strong and stubborn identity leads to many problems when things change.
  • Analyzes how okonkwo responds with hatred and anger to the new culture he is experiencing. he doesn't believe or respect the missionaries or their mission, and thinks of them as a joke.
  • Analyzes how okonkwo's unwillingness to adapt and live peacefully with this new community causes him to make terrible decisions and leads to his peers losing respect for him.
  • Analyzes how okonkwo's anger at a new culture and unwillingness to change cause his legacy to be completely tarnished.

Starting off, Achebe states, “It happened so quickly that the six men did not see it coming. There was only a brief scuffle, too brief to even allow the drawing of a sheathed machete. The six men were handcuffed and led into the guardroom” (194). Okonkwo and some of his tribesmen, unwilling to change, go armed into the missionaries’ courthouse, and are captured and arrested. The amount of dislike and hatred Okonkwo has for these men cause his arrest. Next, Achebe ends Okonkwo’s story on a discouraging and terrible note, as she writes, “Okonkwo’s machete descended twice and the man’s head lay beside his uniformed body (…) Then they came to the tree from which Okonkwo’s body was dangling, and they stopped dead” (204/207). Okonkwo, who is too stubborn to change and be a part of the new culture, angrily kills one of the missionaries’ messengers. This leads him to kill himself, completely discrediting his life as a strong man, while also disgracing his legacy. Okonkwo’s life has completely changed, and his stubbornness was the

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