Oj Simpson Trial Case

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O.J. Simpson Trial They called it the “Trial of the Century “. When O.J. Simpson was accused of killing his wife Nicole Simpson and waiter Ronald Goldman, the world was in shock. He was tried on two counts of murder on June 12th, 1994. Orenthal James Simpson had some of the best lawyers and a great team, fighting to hear the words “not guilty”. Everything was going his way, from questioning the lab workers about the blood found to not even having believable DNA evidence. However, O.J. was still considered a suspect because there were so called “witnesses” that saw him at the scene of the crime around the time it took place. It was also said that O.J. was seen wearing a dark blue cotton suit that contained the same kind of fibers that were…show more content…
on June 17, 1994. O.J. was tried on two counts of the murder of his wife and friend Ron Goldman. O.J. had agreed to turn himself in, but instead he took the cops for a car chase. The chase lasted about ninety minutes in his white Bronco, and the entire chase was televised. While in the chase O.J. held a gun to his head and threatened to kill himself many times, but O.J. was finally taken in to custody at his home. Three days later in court O.J. was asked how he pleaded, he replied “Not Guilty” (Taylor, 2016). While on trial O.J. put out a reward for the arrest of the “killer or killers” of his ex-wife and friend (“The Simpson”, 1996). In September of 1994 the court announces that they will try for life without parole for O.J. (“The Simpson”, 2016). The court trial lasted from June of 1994 until October of 1995. The people and O.J. went back and forth all of those months to determine if O.J. was actually guilty or not. There was blood evidence, bloody clothing, and gloves the were said to be used during the attack. However, they tried all of the evidence and all of it was proven to be not related to O.J. (“The Simpson”, 1996). On October 3, 1995 O.J. Simpson was proven not guilty for the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ronald Goldman. O.J. was later arrested for different crimes and is now serving nine to thirty-three years in prison and is up for parole in 2017. The attacks that took place on June 12 were brutal and done by someone who was truly evil. The attackers were never found, and it is still an open case to this day. Although, many people still believe that O.J. was the murder. The say that his motive was jealousy and that he is truly deep down an evil person perfectly capable of committing the brutal

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