Oil Spill Persuasive Speech

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798 words

“General, general, general,” one of the privets come running over out of breath. “There has been an oil spill that has leaked over the oceans and it’s coming in to the mainland and poisoning our water supply,”
“ Well, how did it happen?” said the general.
“ The coast guard said that a bunch of are tankers got hit with a missile or they ran into an iceberg, sur,” the privet is confused at what will happen next and he can’t think of what to do next.
“Well, then let’s get the team assembled and we can figure out how we are going to fix this,” The general stated with great assurance in his voice but inside he was scared to death.
Outside of the military base the people by the sea are starting to see the affects of the oil spill. The CDC has started to look at the land and they can already see …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Narrates how an oil spill has leaked over the oceans and poisoned our water supply.
  • Narrates how the man's idea was that if we line his lab, it wouldn't burn up, with cooling gel that we could survive the heat wave.
  • Analyzes how the general's team is a team of highly trained scientists that study the earth and the ozone layer in our atmosphere.
  • Narrates how max niels, a white man, realizes that the ozone layer is about to go.

“Well general, that oil spill just killed the planet in a sense,” the lead scientist Dr. Donald Dell stated.
“What do you mean Dell?”
“What I mean general is that the oil spill is in our water supply and is in the land. Which is going to poison our water and food so will all be dead in a matter of months to a year. Not to mention that the oil is also destroying our ozone layer as we speak,” stated Dell as he adjusts his glasses.
“ Is there any chance that we will survive?” said the general with a sad tone as he bows his head with remorse.
“It’s highly unlikely once the ozone goes away then were really in trouble. As you know the ozone layer keeps us at this cool goldilocks state, but when that's gone we turn into Venus a planet of lava and nothingness. No people no animals no life as we know it.”
They all bow their heads as they know what is coming but they don’t as another scientist walks in the room.
“Let me in, let me in,” he yells they don’t know this scientist. “I have a plan that can save the world if you’ll only let me

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