Oil Spill Article Analysis

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An iconic pictures of the recent oil spill have made a noticeable impact on the communities all over the world. And A lot of people were shocked when they saw the pictures of the a bird that been dipped in the oil taken by Associated press photographer Charlie Riedel. That picture have made some change in us toward the environment and habitat of wild life. Moreover ,Always the religions and the teaching from the creator urges people to Preservation of the environment from manmade disaster. In this case contradiction between choosing a great icon picture of the deserter or tiring to convince people to return to Christianity what will take the individuals to recognize their personal accountability for manmade disasters.

In the editorial, “Why the Gulf Oil Spill Demands More than New Regulations,” published in The Christian Science Monitor the author argue about "prevent unexpected, human-caused natural calamities in the future will take something more: a demand for higher qualities of thought , such as a greater sense of obligation to other, a respect for one another's views, and a longer-range regard for the collective good and the environment"(1). First, the editorial goes on to say that the Gulf oil spill is not our first natural disaster and we've been thrown bigger disasters and our neglect will affect the whole world. Second, the editorial also argues that not only the United state needs to be more strict with the environmental regulations, other oil exporters need to as well. Finally, the editorial further states that our saving the environmental is a spiritual practice as it will save the world and improve the life quality. Although the editorial used a convincing strategies, I think the editorial didn't do well in choosin...

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...ppened to the earth before and what is happing at the moment .moreover , matt article have showed only positive feedback and supporter for his idea with neglecting negative opinion to show the other side of the view. In The other article the editorial showed facts other than stating some supporting opinions that some time it not subjected to be true .As I think there is more than picture can be rated to an iconic picture that represent the disaster but may because it didn't find the way to reach us we don't see them .And on other case with other article in The Christian Science Monitor there is may be better religion that have better teaching may better than what the editor is asking people to follow but that religion didn't find it way to our hart that will which will improve our personal accountability for manmade disasters .
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