Oil And Its Impacts On The Country Of Qatar

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Qatar is a peninsula that is coastal to the Persian Gulf near Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. Qatar is known as the third largest country with natural gas reserves world-wide. It also holds home to the world’s largest non-associated natural gas reservoir that is called North Field. In this paper I will be talking about oil and its impacts on the economy and the environment in the country of Qatar. As a country Qatar’s economy depends highly on oil and natural gas. In other words, if Qatar no longer had any oil or natural gas left than Qatar’s economy would collapse because the biggest part of their economy would no longer exist. If this was to happen Qatar’s population would decrease dramatically because most of the inhabitants are both external and internal migration. This scenario does not seem likely in the near future because oil reserves in Qatar have risen considerably in the past decade. The FDI or Foreign Direct Investment is a critical economic growth booster in a host country. In Qatar FDI entries improved oil and gas production, recovery, and develop...

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