Oh, for the Love of Men

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Beowulf, an Anglo Saxon epic poem, is useful in understanding a warrior culture. An important aspect of a warrior type culture is brotherhood, which is based on trust. A liege lord must have military prowess, and the attributes of honesty, honor, and generosity. A liege lord with these qualities should inspire the same characteristics in his comrades. A group of men with traits such as these, will have a bond built and maintained solely on loyalty. This paper will elaborate on the scenes where this idea of fellowship is most prominent. Throughout the epic poem this brother bond between a liege lord and his comrades is discussed and its importance is both shown and stated. There is an understanding between a liege lord and his thane, when the bond is true, that if a thane is faithful and honest enough to bring his lord all of the treasure he has obtained, he shall be rewarded most handsomely. When Beowulf returned to his king, Hygelac, with the many great gifts bestowed upon him by Hrothgar, he offers them up to his king. “Now to thee, my prince, I proffer them all, gladly give them...

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