Oh No! The Aliens Are Coming!

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Illegal immigrants have been the debate of contemporary issues in the United States, specifically that of Utah. The question for many individuals is what do we do with all of these people coming across our southern borders illegally? Because this is such a hot-button issue, there have been many rumors and ideas about how illegal immigrants generate problems within our society. Truths have been twisted, state and local bills have been passed, and lives have been destroyed on both sides of the debate. The truth about illegal immigrants may be difficult to find, but with the knowledge of how propaganda affects our perspective can make us better aware of illegal immigrants and even create a solution that will appease both sides of the border.

First off, let’s begin by defining propaganda. Aristotle states that propaganda, or rhetoric, is “the power to see all the available means of persuasion.” In Wayne C. Booth’s novel, The Rhetoric of RHETORIC: The Quest for Effective Communication, he makes the claim that “…it is important to escape the reductions of rhetoric to the non-truth kinds the term must always include both the verbal and visual garbage flooding our lives and the tools for cleaning things up” (Booth 3). By combining both Aristotle’s and Booth’s definitions we can thus conclude that propaganda is the “verbal and visual” information that we receive; the visual and verbal become “all the available means of persuasion” for propaganda tools.

To further understand the affects of propaganda, it is important to note Gustave LeBon’s theory of the “group mentality.” In his book The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind, LeBon makes the assertion that an individual acts differently when placed with a group of people then he would ind...

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In this essay, the author

  • Explains that illegal immigrants have been the debate of contemporary issues in the united states, specifically that of utah.
  • Explains that aristotle states that propaganda, or rhetoric, is the power to see all the available means of persuasion. booth's novel, the rhetoric of rhetoric: the quest for effective communication, includes both verbal and visual garbage.
  • Explains gustave lebon's theory of the "group mentality" in his book the crowd: a study of the popular mind.
  • Explains that propaganda is not only a verbal and visual tool to persuade public opinion, but also to unite group mentality. the individual can look at the images they are faced with daily and logically reason through them to conclude if it is good or bad propaganda.
  • Opines that it's important to understand both of these tools that influence our judgment, and to have the necessary "tools" to separate the truth from the "garbage."
  • Analyzes how the anonymous political cartoon of illegal immigrants leaves the viewer with a sense of trepidation and perhaps even resentment towards illegal aliens.
  • Analyzes how the cartoon functions as a propaganda tool by advocating to the fears already held by many americans.
  • Analyzes how biggyfatz, a user of political, writes about illegal immigration and how he/she feels about it.
  • Opines that though the cartoon has several recognized symbols, there is still room for interpretation. the viewers are left to wonder when the storm will hit, if it ever does hit.
  • Explains that desert news authors lee davidson, elaine jarvik, lois m. collins, and chuck gates put together the article "fact or fiction? the myths and realities of illegal immigration."
  • Analyzes how the political cartoon "fact or fiction?" gives the illusion that 3 million immigrants are more than america is capable of handling. the image of what these immigrants will eventually do to our country is devastating.
  • Describes the works of wayne bennett, elaine jarvik, lois m. collins, and gates chuck on the myths and realities of illegal immigration.
  • Cites biggyfatz, "public" illegal immigration and cultural conflict.
  • Quotes holub, hugh, and lebon, gustave. "how much crime do undocumented immigrants commit in utah."
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