Offshoring: Pro or Con

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Offshoring: Pro or Con?
From my understanding of what I have learned in my Introduction to Business class, to be successful at your business requires an entrepreneur to take risks in order to be successful. Once you have established strategies to counteract the risks there are more steps that should be taken in order to keep up and improve the business processes. In International Business, I have taken another approach with risks and that approach is to go global. Taking a chance to reach new markets and cross international lines to improve your business processes and productions as a whole. But how can you be sure that going global is the answer? Lets start by asking questions. You may wonder if you can still manage your businesses’ day-to-day operations if your headquarters are in the U.S. so far away and how will maintain control of costs and quality and still make and save the company money in the end. Practices that a business may use to help with the generation of more profit and saving are offshoring and outsourcing.
In this position paper I would like to express my opinion offshoring and why I think that offshoring is a good thing for businesses to expand and reach greater earning potential by going global. First take look at your business large or small. Are you a successful company that profits from manufacturing goods and/or providing services nationwide, but over the last few years you have noticed a steady bottom line with no significant increases in your revenue? You end up asking questions such as, “Why is the next company much more profitable than I and what can we do differently to improve profits?” Through research and strategizing you may determine that the answer is as simple as taking your business to the nex...

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