Off the Leash: Censoring the Internet

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Did you check your Facebook today? How about your E-Mail? If not, you may be missing something even now! In today’s fast-paced world of instant information, if you aren’t on the internet, you’re almost certainly uninformed. Networks and the internet make up an alarmingly large part of our life. We get our news (both personal and public) via the internet, we talk to friends, shop for things, pay our bills… but how vast is the monster that does all of this? This question, along with many others, is essential in the debate that rages on today: censoring the net. There are governments, not excluding our own, who believe in to some extent controlling who can access certain websites, and which are available to the general public. The very idea of lopping off pieces of this near-infinite source of knowledge is criminal.

The average American has no idea how many computers they use on a daily basis, how many networks they cross and interact with. Check your email in the morning? That’s a network. Use your cell phone? That’s a network. Credit or debit? Either way, it’s a network, and you’re using the internet.

In the 1980’s, the government adopted a project to connect two computers together via phone line, for purposes of cross-country communication. After an alarmingly fast series of improvements from 1983 onward, communication was with relative ease via email. We quickly advanced through the ages towards our current condition of instant news and communication, with such methods as VoIP phone calls, Instant Messaging, Email and social networking sites. It was barely a quarter century ago that the only way you could research quantum physics was to hope and pray that the local library had the appropriate materials. Scientific discovery ...

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