Of Mice And Men And The Great Gatsby Analysis

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The “American dream”, ever since our founding fathers stepped foot on America, there has been the American dream. The standards for the American dream, have changed through the decades. Just in a span of 10 years, the concept of the American dream has changed drastically. John Steinbeck 's classic novel “Of Mice and Men” and F.Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel “The Great Gatsby”, are just two examples on how people dream of a better life, and try to achieve it. Unfortunately the American dream is not easy to achieve, in both stories; “Of Mice And Men” and “The Great Gatsby”, the main characters, end up being lonely and they don 't get their version of the American dream. In John Steinbeck’s “Of Mice And Men” and F.Scott Fitzgerald…show more content…
Daisy Buchanan, is depicted as this rich girl from Louisville, who only needs a man to take care of her and provide for her, however she also acts weak and innocent at other times. Jordan Baker, is a different story, she is independent, and she has disconnected herself from a man. Jordan Baker and Daisy Buchanan have this certain sex appeal. Daisy Buchanan said something about her daughter that was interesting, Daisy said “I 'm glad it 's a girl. And I hope she 'll be a fool – that 's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool." F.Scott Fitzgerald depicts a world, where women are more of a sex object rather than actual human being. Myrtle Wilson is yet another symbol of this. Myrtle Wilson is married to George Wilson. Through the whole novel Myrtle often said, that she is not happy with her husband. Myrtle starts sleeping with Tom Buchanan; who she thinks, that he will leave Daisy for her, however in Tom Buchanan mind, she is more of a fling, rather than an actual…show more content…
From the start of the first page; George and Lennie are running from Weeds, California.They are running away, because a women thought that the simple minded Lennie was going to rape her; however in fact Lennie was only touching her dress, because he likes to touch soft things. George believes that women are cause off all his troubles, with their enticing sexuality. For George a Brothel ”FlopHouse” is enough is for him. He has no desire for a wife nor girlfriend. Curley’s wife is in a failed marriage, she often whines and tells everyone around that her husband is a brutish man; She also often says that she is bored with her life. Curley 's wife need for excitement was her downfall, she threatens to have the black stable worker lynched if he complains about her to the boss. Her constant flirting with Lennie seals her unfortunate fate. John Steinbeck world is no place for
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