Oedipus the King by Sophocles

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Oedipus the King is a great epic, written by Sophocles that discusses Oedipus’ journey to find his own identity. Most importantly, this epic challenges even the noblest of human beings by portraying a theme between personal convictions versus the force of fate. Throughout his journey, Oedipus encounters these challenges through several oracles, in which he has a difficult time interpreting and accepting. Nevertheless, King Oedipus, being a man with great curiosity and determination, seeks for these answers and makes an attempt to alter his own fate. Consequently, Oedipus fails, and is met with the horrific events that he was so determined to escape from.
The first oracle in Oedipus the King is heard at the Oracle at Delphi, where Creon comes back to the land of Thebes with a solution to the people’s concerns. Specifically, Creon informs his king, Oedipus, that the only way to stop the plague is by finding and punishing the murderer of the late, King Laius. Oedipus initially treats this oracle with excessive curiosity and begins to interrogate Creon about the death of their late king. When Oedipus is met with answers, he vows that he will find the murderer. However, there is great irony in his vow because he doesn’t know that he is the actual murderer of the great King. With this, it’s clear that Oedipus misunderstood this oracle off of sheer ignorance. Oedipus’ reactions toward the first oracle reveal the immediate qualities of Oedipus. At this stage of the narrative, it is apparent that Oedipus lacks knowledge of his own identity. Specifically, his ignorance of the murder indicates that he does not truly know who his real father is. Similarly, his notion for curiosity indicates that he lacks knowledge not only of the murder b...

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...iosity that he always had, but this time becomes honest and accepting of what happens.
The final oracle is significant because this is when Oedipus finally realizes his true identity. He realizes that he is the son to Laios and Jocasta and he realizes that he was the one that killed his own father and married his mother. Moreover, based off his reactions for all of the oracles, it’s evident that Oedipus is a naturally, curious person. Ultimately, this has it’s positives and negatives, however, in this situation his curiosity deemed negative as he knew “too much.” This final oracle also reveals that Oedipus is a loyal man as he not onlu gives himself the very same consequence that he aspired to give the “murderer” in the previous scene but he also solved the riddle that ultimately saved his town of the plague. Nevertheless he was able to identify who he really was.
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