Oedipus the King: A Story of Tragedy

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“Which animal has one voice, but two, three or four feet being slowest on three?” This riddle was said by the monster Sphinx to all who wanted to enter into Thebes. She destroyed all that could not solve her riddle (Willson). Oedipus, whose life seemed to be controlled by fate, answered correctly. His life was one of tragedy and disaster. He is now the patron of philosophers, scientists, poets, artists, and of all truth-seekers (Wilson). Laius, Ruler of Thames, journeyed to Delphi. He was told by an Oracle that his son would kill him and sleep with his wife. Laius and his wife Jocasta agreed to pinion their son Oedipus feet together. This is how Oedipus received his name, meaning swollen foot (Wilson). They then gave Oedipus to a royal shepherd and ordered the shepherd to dispose of the baby on Mt. Cithaeron. The shepherd pitied the baby and showed him to the childless King of Corinth Polybus. Polybus and his wife Merope adopted Oedipus and raised him as their own (Adams). Around 18 years later, one of Oedipus friends insulted him about being adopted. Oedipus was shocke...
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