Pride In Sophocles Oedipus The King

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In the play, Oedipus the King written by Sophocles, the protagonist Oedipus finds himself in many conflicts, most of which seem to be a result of a combination of the actions he took. The play addresses that Oedipus is his own worst enemy, who is too determined to find out who he is and too proud to listen to the Gods. He thinks he can get out of following through on his own fate. So, because of that he doomed himself. Oedipus’ first reaction to rumors about his father not being his birth father lead him to overreact. With his determination to seek the truth behind his rumors, curiosity led him to Tiresias. Tiresias a blind prophet does nothing but state the truth to Oedipus and in return he receives insult, anger and disgust form Oedipus.…show more content…
It was crystal clear that his pride was his weakness towards his character and because of his pride, the falling action of the play was tragic. As a result, Oedipus feels fully responsible for his actions, even though he had no control over them. Generally speaking, he doesn't want to live anymore after finding out about how he married his mother and killing his father the King of Thebes. Except, there were many clues, in which, Oedipus killed Laius, his father. For the most of the beginning, he just did not understand the truth and or did not know how to handle it. Because of his stubbornness and thinking he had to be correct, he ignored such comments and was still trying to find the facts to the truth, when he knew the truth all along. So when he finds out about his oracle which had come true he reacts by stabbing himself after seeing his wife/mother hang herself with her bed sheets. Before Oedipus is left to die he said “ Now I am god abandoned, a son of sin and sorrows all…show more content…
One might realize that with a given circumstance the way we conduct ourselves is affected entirely. For instance, Oedipus started from the top and ended up not having anything. As a result, Oedipus lost everything that he had in his life he lost his power, his sight, his wife, and his children. This idea is constantly seen throughout the play such as when Oedipus runs to Thebes from Corinth. Following the prophecy Oedipus was terrified, shocked, and disgruntled. If it were not fo the predicament of the prophecy, most surely Oedipus would have never got to Thebes. Oedipus conduct as a result of the circumstances he found himself in led him to many unfortunate results. In the end of Sophocles play Oedipus had a horrific ending he had lost everything. The protagonist lost his mother/wife and his reputation, honor and much more. Oedipus even lost his sight which was described in appealing detail in the metaphor,“Blood drew upon his beard… no, not dew. no oozing drops-a spurt of black ensanguined rain”(Sophocle, 70). Truly, Oedipus demise was the result of his actions if the protagonist had acted differently perhaps he would not have been a doomed

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