Oedipus The King Character Analysis Essay

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Sophocles, the author of “Oedipus the King” led individuals such as Freud to critically analyze this play specifically for its psychological content. Freud utilized this play to expand his dream analysis research as well as the inspiration of the infamous “Oedipus Complex.” Oedipus operates under freewill, yet his fate has been determined by the Gods although the end result may require a winding path of less than obvious events that occur to achieve the prophecy. The supporting roles in “Oedipus the King” truly exploit the protagonist, Oedipus, and his character flaws. All in all, Sophocles demonstrates the power of an individual’s psyche by illustrating the fears and dreams that are transformed into actions; such actions also lead to the rise and fall of the great Oedipus by the end of “Oedipus the King.”…show more content…
To begin, Creon tells Oedipus to speak with Teiresias soon after Oedipus becomes quickly offended with disbelief, then quickly accuses Creon of treason. “No, not exile. It is your death I want. So that all the world may see what treason means.” Due to Oedipus and his hot-headed nature he demands Creon’s death because it is his fault this unwanted information from Teiresias has surfaced. “Why? How brazen of you to come to my house, You murderer! Do you think I do not know That you plotted to kill me, plotted to steal my throne?” Oedipus has a fearful assumption that Creon is the actual murderer and is now apparently desires Oedipus’s throne and death. “Clearly the guilt is not mine. I was alone.” Oedipus begins to piece together the story of his true identity, but simply falls back on how it must be impossible that he killed the king. Altogether, Oedipus displays his characteristics very quickly when presented with the possibility that he killed the king, but due to his blind and aggressive nature he is reluctant to comprehend his

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