Oedipus The King By Sophocles

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The play Oedipus the King by Sophocles is a drama of a heroic archetype struggling to find answers which creates many conflicts in the story which include man vs. man, man vs. himself, and man vs. supernatural. Oedipus, who is the King of Thebes is under pressure searching for who murdered King Laois. During his search the king must overcome many conflicts in order to find answers to the murder of King Laois and in the process uncovers more information about himself. Man vs. Man The entire man to man confrontation comes down to friendship and trust. Oedipus does not trust Creon even though he tries to help him find the murderer of King Laois. In fact, Oedipus retaliates against him due to several incidences. First, Creon suggested Oedipus meet Teiresias, a holy prophet who may have information about the murder of King Laois. Oedipus becomes frustrated with Teiresias lack of cooperation and inability to share critical information. Thus causing Oedipus` lack of trust with Creon. Oedipus felt betrayed by Creon as to why he wanted him to meet with Tierias calling him “a wizard” (Sophocles 1220). It is detrimental to think Teiresias knew Oedipus prophecy and although he revealed the truth he was not forthright with the evidence which would prove him guilty. Teiresias left on not such good terms, accusing Oedipus of murder escalating the conflict between himself and Creon. Oedipus believes Creon and Teiresias are conspiring to murder him. The conflict between Oedipus and Creon escalates when each of them start accusing the other of King Laois’s murder. In retaliation, Oedipus responds to Creon’s visit with arrogance and anger, slinging accusations that it was Creon and Teiresias who killed King Laois an... ... middle of paper ... ...was so superstitious left their baby to die. Conclusion As you can see the man vs. man, man vs. self, and man vs. supernatural is apparent in through the analysis through the textual analysis and support of the articles. Thus the major themes when analyzing the text. In Oedipus’s attempt to avoid fate, he ends up through determination and many conflicts the outcome of his prophecy. This became apparent through the text because you can see the distinctive themes taking place. The actual text support allows you to realize how the conflicts are taking place in the story. The heroic archetype is unfortunately ostracized by those who know the truth but do not express their concern for the man’s well-being in society. The complexity of the protagonist’s actions lead to his innocence and eventually downfall when he learns his prophecy has been fulfilled.

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