Oedipus Rena As Destiny Essay

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Most humans worry their whole life what their purpose is or why they exist on earth. Imagine being able to know your destiny in advance? Knowing one’s destiny in advance may seem like a swell idea, or for others it may be horrifying. Examining the works “DNA as Destiny” by David Ewing Duncan, Oedipus the King by Sophocles, and Minority Report by Steven Spielberg, gives several scenarios involving destiny. Although knowing one’s destiny might help to prevent certain situations, it can cause a person to live in fear, or lose their will to live.
DNA is a plethora of information that can influence the daily lives of human beings. Imagine knowing if you have an underlying genetic disease that could determine how your life will play out. This can
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This can be seen in Oedipus the King. After Oedipus hears of his destiny from Teiresias that he is going to marry his mother and kill his father, he starts to live in fear that one day his destiny would truly come to light. Oedipus denies all that Teiresias tells him and begins to blame Teiresias and Creon for the death of Laius. Fear leads Oedipus to absurd conclusions. Jocasta tells Oedipus to not fear the bed of his mother but he replied “All that you say would be said perfectly if she were dead; but since she lives I must still fear, although you talk so well, Jocasta”(Sophocles 1075-1077). This same fear drives Oedipus to the conclusion that his destiny had already come to light. He had married his mother, Jocasta, and killed his father, Laius. After coming to this conclusion, Oedipus asks to be driven out of the land where he will never hear a human voice again. Living in sorrow away from human contact is not truly living. Oedipus loses all of his will to live because of this crippling fear becoming reality. Though most of Oedipus knowing his destiny seems to be unbeneficial, Oedipus could have chosen to listen to Tiresias’s warnings and not listen to his destiny and live in ignorant bliss. If Oedipus was not so stubborn, he could have avoided all of this
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