Oedipus Higher Power: Fate And Free Will Influence

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“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another”. This quote by Napoleon Hill signifies that whatever we do or say will have an impact on the people around us. This also shows how fate and free will can tie into influence. Whether it be a higher power deciding your life for you or choices that people make. Fate means being influenced by a higher power to fulfill your fate. Where free will is defined as having a personal choice for your behavior. In the play Oedipus king of Sophocles, Oedipus is destined to fulfill a prophecy. During his reign there is a curse put on Thebes. While looking for the murderer a prophet and one of his officials realize how ignorant…show more content…
A higher power is so influential that it can lead people to spread that ideal. In Born In Brothels the higher power can be seen as Zana Briski because she leads the kids to a better life so they at look at her as a gateway. In the documentary it’s seen that she led the kids to use art as an art form. She’s leading them to a better life; she’s already chosen what she wants them to do. She introduced them to photography so this reveals that she chose their life for them. They had little to no saying in what they wanted to do. This relates to many people’s lives because they are governed by a higher power. If they believe that they’ll have a perfect life that’s prosperous than they can have that motivation to fulfill their fate. This supports the idea that a higher power does have a role in a person’s life whether it is for the best or for the worst it’s already been decided by a higher…show more content…
Throughout Born in Brothels and Oedipus the decisions the characters make has a big effect on the outcome of their future. This is important because it showed how the characters react to their surroundings. In Born into Brothels Avijit made his decisions based on his surroundings, whereas Oedipus was influenced which led him to react to things based off his emotions. They all tie in together because it’s visible how their environment shapes the way they think and act. In our society, we choose to be around certain people that may or may not be an influence in positive ways. This leads to either positive or negative influences. In the Bible this topic is seen as well, “Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.” Influence is what we’re driven by; we are under the influence to fit in and to be a part of something. Whether it is an influence to buy things or crucial decisions we must make. In the end we will all have control over the decisions we make and we also have control over the people we choose to be influenced
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