Oedipus Fate Vs Fate

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Ever since the beginning of time, fate and freewill have both been concepts whose existence has never truly been proven to mankind. In society, many people believe they have the right to choose their own path, but they are wrong. From the past to today, the way anyone’s life is governed hasn’t changed at all; everything has already been determined for everyone. Everything that happens, happens for a reason beyond anyone’s field of knowledge. These things or powers, govern the future from the beginning to the end. The play, Oedipus The King is a myth about a great ruler who is going against his fate trying to have freewill but fails. This great King Oedipus lived in Thebes, when he first got there he saved the people after losing their own King, Laius. When Oedipus was trying to figure out who killed King Laius, he spoke with a prophet in his palace. He asked who killed Laius where the three roads meet. The…show more content…
Oedipus was stunned and scared to find out he was given away to a messenger. Then he made the herdsman speak and he said, “before 3 days were out…upon a pathless hill side.” (Sophocles 825-828) After hearing this the messenger said “the tendons on your feet were pierced.” (Sophocles 1175) Jocasta and the King were scared to hear this and panicked. His fate is being shown more and more every time he asks a question to find out his true ancestry.
The herdsman then said that the child was given to him by Jocasta later saying, “Your wife will tell you best how all this was” (Sophocles 1344) Oedipus was surprised and he began talking to the herdsman saying, “she gave it to you. Yes, she did, my Lord. To do what with? Make away with it.” (Sophocles 1345-1348) he was scared for his life and was sad because he had killed his father and slept with his mother. Everything is happening just as the prophet said nothing was or can be
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