Odysseus's Characters In My Mother In The Odyssey

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While reading The Odyssey, I have recognized Odysseus’ traits in my mother. Nevertheless, in distinct situations my mother 's character is kind and quiet, although she can be quiet, she can become fierce if you provoke her by committing an incorrect act. Common for all mothers when their children are in danger they tend to become over protective so that no harm is done to them. If an act is committed toward my sister and I her enraged side will be presented upon you. On the other hand, when my sister and I were young we were playing in the house a broke and antique plate that was a gift to her she became furious and sent us to our room. Odysseus, the main character resembles to my mom because both demonstrate determination, intellect, patience,…show more content…
In the case of Odysseus, when he organized a plan on how to kill the suitors that had invaded his home, Odysseus states, “my enemies are here in my house, beyond numbering” (pg 205). When he realized the suitors had invaded his home and wanted to marry his wife, he thought of a strategy to kill them prior to the suitors discovering he was alive and on the island. In addition, Odysseus demonstrates intellect by the scheme he uses to defeat the Trojans by presenting them with a Trojan horse and has soldiers hide inside. Once they gained entrance inside the walls, they would reveal themselves and attack the Trojans at their weakest point. Eventually, causing a victory which would lead Odysseus in his voyage back to Ithaka. However, in my mom 's case when I’m in a difficult situation and do not know what to do my mom thinks of the solution immediately so that no time is wasted and all conflicts are resolved. There was a moment in time when my friend and I were having a dispute, so I went to my mom for advice. She explained to me how friend last forever and that I should not let anything silly get in the way of our friendship. Intellect leads to an instant resolution towards solving a dispute even if in Odysseus circumstances, he had to kill them for there to be…show more content…
The patience that Odysseus develops during his journey was worth the end because he could have given up and stayed with either Circe and Calypso. Upon Odysseus homecoming in Ithaka, he cannot disclose his identity because the suitors want him dead. When my mother has to bargain with a sales representative and it goes longer than expected, she must continue to wait for them to come to an agreement. On the other hand, if it was me, I would just leave because I would get frustrated and I cannot keep a secret. For instance, this time we went black Friday shopping and a line to enter the store was going to take three hours and instead of leaving like I wanted to my mom stood patiently to enter the store, and it took longer than expected. For some there comes a point where you can no longer be patient, but for my mom she happens to never reach

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