Odysseus as a Heroic Individual

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Odysseus as a Heroic Individual

Thesis: Odysseus was a true hero he showed this through his

determination and courage.

Odysseus, A True Hero?

What is a hero? The dictionary defines a hero as being a mythological

or legendary figure often of divine descent endowed with great

strength or ability; an illustrious warrior; a man admired for his

achievements and noble qualities; one that shows great courage.

Odysseus was a true hero; he showed this through his determination and


The dictionary definition of a hero includes courage, strength and

great ability. Odysseus fits the dictionary description of a hero. Two

characteristics that I believe are essential to the definition of a

heroic individual are determination and courage. Odysseus embodies

these characteristics through out the whole story. After all the whole

story is about his determination to get home; he doesn’t let all the

battles he has to fight along the way stop him from getting to where

he wants to be. Odysseus persevered through everything the gods

through at him. Imprisoned by Calypso for seven years and never lost

sight of his goal, survived Poseidon’s wrath, beat the Cyclops and

made his way back to sea, got past the sirens, any ordinary man would

have given up after the battle or two. Odysseus was no ordinary man he

was a hero.

To say Odysseus had courage means that he (according to the

dictionary) used mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and

withstand danger, fear, or difficulty. Using that definition Odysseus

displayed courage in each and every battle he fights on his journey.

An action that would have made Odysseus heroic i...

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...sposing of all the mockery and shame inflicted without having to

kill so many people is heroic in my eyes.

Odysseus may have had the help of Gods to win this battle but even

without their assistance he would have been a hero in his own right.

He fought each and every one of his battles using his own intelligence

and determination; eventually he got home and got his family back in

order. Odysseus was a very determined and extremely courageous man and

embodying these two characteristics made him a hero. Odysseus was a

man who did not let any mortal man, god, or goddess stand in his way

of getting what he wanted no matter how long or how hard he had to

fight, Odysseus a true Greek Hero.

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