Odysseus A Hero Essay

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What makes literature so special is the fact that some words never have one rigid definition. What a word truly means is always up for debate, and can be defined differently by all.
One of the most common aspects of a true hero such as Odysseus is the possession of the willingness and self-control that is required to endure both physical and mental hardships. Moreover, some even go to say that it is this willingness and self-control that truly defines ones heroism (Ames 4). The rational behind this statement lies in the observations that not only must a true hero overcome their desires completely (Ames 4), but suffering in general provides opportunity for human distinction (Ames 2-3). If Odysseus proves that he has been able to overcome his desires and endured massive amounts of suffering, he can be classified as a hero.
Before even beginning his journey in the story, “Odyssey” by Homer, Odysseus was able to prove his self-control while in the Trojan horse outside of Troy. In order to lure the men inside the horse to come out, Helen of Troy began to mimic the voices of the wives of the men inside the horse, Odysseus included. Odysseus disregarded his thoughts and desires and was not only able to resist it himself, but was able to make each and every man in the horse able to resist (CITATION). Now looking at his journey home, Odysseus ran into the infamous Seirênês, who lure seamen with their irresistible singing and then trap them at their island. Whereas the majority of seamen are unable to control their vices and end up losing their lives as a result, Odysseus forced his crew to tie him up and. Once again, Odysseus was able to overcome his desires by having complete disregard for his hunger. After his crew had possession of ...

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...t certain to drown him, but with the minor help of a Sea Nymph, Odysseus was able to survive and successfully reach home. Not only was Odysseus able to overcome the disfavor of gods, but also was also able to come out victorious when the situation called for his demise. This can be seen after he fought the monster Skylla. Against such a large monster, certain death is almost guaranteed, but despite the loss of all his fellow men, Odysseus himself was able to survive. Despite this loss, Odysseus himself was able to survive the odds, something only a hero can accomplish. Towards the end of his journey, Odysseus was able to defeat the suitors, despite being greatly outnumbered. It seemed as though the loads of bloodthirsty suitors would slaughter Odysseus, Telemachos, Eumaios, and Philoitios, but Odysseus was not deterred. Despite pessimistic talk from Telemachos,
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