Octavian Augustus: The First Emperor Of The Roman Empire

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World History is full of empires and vast of emperors all over the territories and all over the years. The Roman Empire was an empire with many stages, many problems, many people, many enemies, an end and of course, a beginning. Octavian Augustus Caesar, or as he is commonly named, Augustus, was the first emperor of this empire. Augustus's intelligence, leadership and political ability led a devastated republic to an emerging and brilliant empire. These actions took Octavian Augustus many years and many conflicts, but at the end he left a glorious empire.

The city of Rome saw the birth of one of its most important rulers on September 23, 63 BCE. In those times he was called Gaius Octavius in honor of his dad that was a senator when Octavian was still a little kid. Octavian had an important participation with Rome's leader of that time, Julius Caesar because of the fact that Octavian's mother was The Caesar's niece. The relation
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He knew that the romans had for many years a republic. As romans liked the games, Octavian Augustus constantly organized them with many animals and many gladiators. Octavian Augustus made more efficient and constructed new aqueducts to serve the population with water. He spent great amounts of money to build new temples or people to worship the roman gods.

When Augustus was given the highest title, 'Pater Patriae', he know had power on the militia, the senate and religion of Rome, but nobody thought about his successor or the mechanism to get the new 'Pater Patriae'. Augustus decided because of their strong relation that Agrippa would be the next leader of Rome. He made Agrippa marry with his sister to have two children that died. Augustus, already sick, decided that the only option for succession was Tiberius, the son of his wife, Livia. Augustus died after serving Rome on 19 August 14 ACE, his ashes were deposited in the family cemetery in
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