Oceania, also known as the Pacific Islands is home of many native Islanders. Citizens of Oceania have a wide range of indigenous and distinctive cultures. Most of the cultures consist of Folk Culture and Local Culture. Through their unique customs, the Oceania citizens are never victims of assimilation. With only 14 countries, 28 languages and, a population of fewer than 6.5 million people, Oceania is meager in size, but immense as a civilization.
There are a number of religions in Oceania such as Christianity, Animism, Hinduism, Bahá'í Faith, Sikhism, Jainism, and Islam. Christianity is based on the belief of Jesus Christ, meaning that there is only one God who the people are meant to worship. Nearly 71.2% of the population claims the religion of Christianity, which leaves only 28.8% as other religions. Animism is the belief that all objects have spirits or souls. Objects that are spoken of are things like trees, plants, and all other things that come from nature. All Hindu’s worship and believe in Brahman. Brahman is thought to be the spirit of all things. Brahman has the power to portray himself as different gods and goddesses. Those who believe in Bahá'í Faith have the belief that there is only one creator who is God. In addition, they don’t believe in heaven or hell. They believe that after we die we are simply reborn or resurrected. Sikhism states that souls go through series of life and death before they become humans. Once the soul has reached its human form, it is said after death the soul can continue to heaven. Jainism- very much like Hinduism- is a religion that initiated in India. Jains believe that everything has a jiva or a soul. The belief also states that all jivas are trapped in the cycle of life a...

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...eople are in the process of making music. In the developed parts of Oceania, there are a sufficient amount of modes of transportation. The basic form of transportation is automobiles. Planes and ferries are also accessible in the developed countries; however the developing countries don’t have the same necessities. The best form of transportation for the citizens in undeveloped countries is walking. A woman not being seen as equal to a man is common in Oceania. Men play the dominant role in the household, while women are the submissive ones.
Oceania’s citizens have a very well diverse ancestry. A great majority of their ancestors come from East Asia and South East Asia. Many of the East Asians and South East Asians migrated to Oceania about 50,000 years ago. It is still unknown why the people migrated to Oceania, so the question is still left out in the open.

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