Ocean Pollution Essay

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Pollution in the oceans, though not commonly known to humans, creates serious problems in our environment. Oil spills, plastic, garbage, and sewage combine together to form the major problem known as pollution. Coral reefs begin to disappear as a result of ocean pollution and many other factors. Carbon dioxide levels increase as greenhouses release gases into the air. As pollution continues to grow and become much worse, organizations create new laws to help reduce or end some of the major problems in our seas.
Oil Spills disturb the environment and produce a threat to the animals living in that area. Both ships and refineries release oil into the rivers and oceans which leads to the damage and death of plants and animals (Leggett 25). Exxon Valdez, a famous tanker that split in Alaska, spilled eleven million gallons of crude oil into the oceans, damaging everything around it (Earle 145). A Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded and released sixty thousand barrels of oil each day (Hollar 20). World War II ships exploded bombs and released diesel fuel which turned beaches black for months. Moreover, oil engulfs plants and blocks the sunlight from nourishing them. It also smothers animals, suffocating them with a painful death (Leggett 24). Sea otters and seabirds are two of the main animals affected by oil spills (Earle 146). Animals such as deer, bears, and bald eagles died a much slower death because they eat the animals from beaches that were covered in oil (Leggett 39). If humans do not clean up the spilled oil right away, it mixes with the water and becomes much harder to eliminate from the sea (39). Furthermore, oil spills
Many other factors, such as plastic, garbage, and sewage, contribute to the increasin...

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...ing into rivers, which lead to oceans (Gold). California lawmakers proposed a statewide ban on plastic bags to decrease the amount of plastic in the environment and limit the materials needed to create the plastic bags (Ross). Legislation in New York City requires customers to purchase their plastic bags which would make them want to buy reusable bags instead (Ross). Moreover, people become aware of pollution and try to put an end to it by creating new and improved laws and regulations.
Ocean pollution poses many threats to the surrounding environment. Many different factors cause pollution and generate a large obstacle to overcome. Coral reefs and fish are just two of the many innocent parts of the ocean that pollution damages. Pollution is a growing problem that, if not fixed soon, will continue to worsen and produce problems for generations to come.
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