Ocean Decidification: The Health Of The Chesapeake Bay

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The Chesapeake Bay lies in three states-- Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia. Although this estuary lies in 3 different states, the tributaries that contribute water to the bay lie in many different states, extending from New York to West Virginia and Virginia. Therefore, the health of the bay is a national problem, as its health strongly depends on our actions that we perform throughout the nation The Chesapeake Bay is a lively and diverse estuary-- it holds our famous blue crabs, oysters, scallops, fish, 87 species of waterbirds, and over 3,600 species of plants. Any impact that we have on the oceans and the bay greatly affect the life and health of not only the bay, but also the many diverse species of seafood and fauna that exist in the bay. …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that the health of the chesapeake bay is a national problem, as its health depends on our actions throughout the nation.
  • Explains that the chesapeake bay is a lively and diverse estuary that holds blue crabs, oysters and scallops. any impact that we have on the oceans affects the life and health of the bay.
  • Explains that ocean acidification affects the chesapeake bay and the businesses that depend on it.
  • Explains that acidification in many bodies of water absorbs carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere, but the oceans absorb parts of that, increasing the acidity.
  • Explains that acidification poses many harms to the ecosystem of the chesapeake bay.
  • Explains that the chesapeake bay has a large land-to-water ratio of 14:1. their actions on the land will largely affect the bay.
  • Explains that the acidification of the bay affects organisms that have a skeleton or shell. crabs, oysters and clams all have shells made of calcium carbonate.
  • Explains that if ocean acidification increases at a constant rate, and the ph level of the water continues to decrease rapidly, the oceans and chesapeake will soon become corrosive to these unprotected shells.
  • Opines that if the acidity continues to increase, the survival of these species of waterbirds will be hindered.
  • Opines that there must be more widespread knowledge about ocean acidification, especially in the chesapeake bay and its watershed, in order for this major problem to be halted.
  • Opines that there must be more outreach and legislation in the near future to analyze the science available about ocean acidification to educate the public about this large problem.

One of the major problems affecting, not only oceans around the world, but also many local bodies of water right now is the problem of ocean acidification. You may have heard of ocean acidification, which you may have just disregarded as a problem that affects the large oceans as a whole. However, this acidification also affects the Chesapeake Bay itself. I have come to realize that the acidification of the Chesapeake is a major problem that will affect the diverse ecosystem that all the wildlife is located in, but also the many businesses locally and throughout the state that depend on the health of the ocean and the wildlife located in the

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