Occurence of Climate Change and Its Impacts on Life

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Climate change is already beginning to affect plants, animals and their role in the ecosystem. Ecosystems are very important as provides habitable conditions. Ecosystems are sensitive to the changes placed upon them whether it is natural or human related. According to Fletcher, “Studies shows that natural decreases in biodiversity are as potentially damaging as the negative impacts resulting from climate change, pollution and other major forms of environmental stress. Because natural stressors are ever present, the growth of negative impacts related to climate change and human population growth could cause increasing damage to ecosystems that are already stressed as a natural condition.” This suggests that natural stressors to global biodiversity will be greater than before as climate change grows. Many unique and sensitive ecosystems can be threatened with extinction. According to Fletcher, “Climate change can affect species in relation to their role in an ecosystem. Species in rich, bio diverse ecosystems are exposed to heightened threats by the consequences of global warming, specifically extreme weather events.” As extreme weather becomes more frequent, it could lead to the extinction of many species. If the primary sources of food being to go extinct, it could result in the depletion of food sources for species such as herbivores as they rely on primary producers. This will affect predators on top of the food chain. Thus, the way the human population uses land, oceans and other natural resources such as fossil fuels affect the quality of the habitats of the plants and animals.
Freshwater resources are important for both the society and the ecosystems. All life on this planet relies on freshwater. It is not just crucial for d...

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