Occupations in the 16th Century Elizabethan Era

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Occupations in the 16th Century Elizabethan Era In the Elizabethan Era, occupations were as varied as a bowl of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans. There was some much to do as the times were changing rapidly. Professions in this time and age ranged from rabbit catching to working with royalty. Making weapons, clothes, working in the house, working in the castle, selling goods in the marketplace, and healing others were just some of the more common trades of the time. Break out the weapons! Two mortal enemies, sworn to cut each other's throats, are at it again on the old battlefield. One side of the field is pouring with men in rusty brown uniforms, while the other side sports pale blue tunics. There is no end in sight, each side is fighting at their best. Then from the brown side the warriors step back and a valiant knight riding a horse steps into the clearing. Without a word, an equally terrifying champion on a horse steps out of the opposing crowd to face the combatant. Both armies step back and watch the scene in amazement. The champion in blue swiftly whips out his bow and arrows and aims it at his opponent. His adversary gives him a dry look and whips out his own weapon. He says deftly, "It's made in Paris with about #25 draw weight. Made out of the choicest materials by the local fletcher and bowyer." "Really?" the other sneered, "I got mine from the best blacksmith in London! It's made out of the toughest wood and a four-sided spike on the arrow head developed to penetrate plate armor." The fighter in blue gasped and his face grew red. He threw his arrows on the ground and reached for his sword. Just before he could put in a harsh word, his adversary cut in, "Let me guess... that's a steel pommel and guard with a lea... ... middle of paper ... be done to keep the world running and it was not that hard to find a decent job. For the most part, this was an age where there was a lot of change. Change occurred in the medical sciences, fashion, weapons, and more. This era is one of the many building blocks of today's advanced civilization. Bibliography: Cushman, Karen. Catherine, Called Birdy. New York:Houghton Mifflin, 1994 (Author's note used) Ramsey, Lia. "Medical Beliefs and Practices." Elizabethan England. (no date given). (Accessed on: 4/4/01) Anderson, Margo. "Elizabethan Accessories." Elizabethan Costume. 17 September 1999. (Accessed on: 4/4/01) Rice, Aaron. "People of the Middle Ages" The Middle Ages. 8 Dec. 1994 (Accessed on: 4/4/01) Brown, Kevin (et al.) "Occupations and Services" Life in Elizabethan England. Spring 1998 (Accessed on: 4/4/01)
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