Occupational Health Nursing Essay

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Advocacy Occupational health nurses advocate for the working population, families, and communities by establishing environmental safety, injury and illness prevention, and healthiness programs (“AAOHN: What is occupational & environmental health nursing,” 2016). The occupational health nurse also protects the workplace and community population’s safety and health by minimizing environmental risks that cause serious injuries and illnesses, ensures access to health care, and fosters early intervention and preventive care (Lancaster, 2016). For example, the occupational nurse advocates for the employee population by coaching the business community and training front line supervisors on how to identify safety hazards in their departments to prevent…show more content…
Occupational health nurses require action for the “good” of the working community and their families; health and safety always comes before controlling cost and production (Rogers, 2012 p. 178). The working population is a valuable resource and providing access to quality medical care is a priority in caring for those who are injured or ill from a work incident or a personal medical condition. The occupational health nurse engages with supervisor teams to promote a caring and trusting community by identifying and eliminating workplace hazards to create a positive safety culture, provide access to medical care, and welcome workers back into the work community when they recover (Lancaster,…show more content…
The business’s risk management team depends on the occupational health nurse leader to prevent health and safety risks of the working population, families, and their community (Williams, 2016). For example, to prevent citizens from dangerous and toxic exposures, chemical safety is taught in the workplace, workplace health fairs share literature and resources in protecting children from being poisoned, and local and state laws regulate chemical disposal to prevent the communities’ water sources from being contaminated (Williams, 2016). According to OSHA, employees have a “right to know” what type of chemicals they are using, the physical effects if they are exposed, and how to handle chemical safely to protect themselves (“Hazard communication. -1910.1200,” 2016). NIOSH provides exposure limits, OSHA rules on workplace surveillance when using chemicals, and the occupational health nurse works with the risk management team in developing workplace policies to protect the employees’ health (Loeppke, et al., 2015). The occupational health nurse leader ensures the workplace and community are safe and healthy by evaluating the effectiveness of the businesses’ chemical safety program, auditing business practices in chemical disposal, and their preparedness in providing accessibility to emergency health
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